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Just turned on the telly and saw the press conference!!

Darcy Regier and Ron Rolston -GONE!

IN - Pat LaFontaine as President of Player Operations, and TED NOLAN as INTERM COACH!!!

It just HAS to get better!
Awesome to see Nolan back behind a bench. Who would fire a guy a year after he wins the coach of the year award? I hope that he does well, but not too well. Haha!

Nice to see Nolan back coaching
Yeah, but they're still "talking" to John Scott...
Rumor is that Ted Nolan was fired because hasek didn't like him.
That game tonight is going be nuts if Scott steps onto the ice. I really hope they don't bring Kaleta back.
Word around Buffalo, is that Nolan slept with Hasek's wife, and Hasek demanded he be fired. All that trash talking from Hasek, and still went crying to management lol.
Ha! I've heard that too tepee! he was messing around with hasek's wife and thats why he got let go.
The Hasek connection has been the legend since it happened (and yes, I think it did). What is known is when Darcy came in, he offered a one-year contract to Nolan, then fired him when he called it an insult.

Gotta love that they won last night, and that was the most hustle I've seen in a while from this team.

Miller is the big question. Keep him or ship him out?