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Full Version: Trade Bait…Uppers,Downers,All arounders.
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Hey guys and gals,

My name is John and I am new to the forums but have been collecting cards for 10+ years. I have an extensive collection and would like to start trading/selling online and thought I would build up some forum credentials for a bit.

So take a look through my scans and let me know what catches your eye.

Want list.

1.GEORGE VEZINA almost anything.
4.retired/hof GU/Autos
5.2003/2004 Upper Deck Young Guns…Still need a dozen or so.
6.PK Subban
7.Team Canada GU/Auto

/Users/apple/Desktop/mid to high end Autos.pdf
/Users/apple/Desktop/Rc's and RCA.pdf
/Users/apple/Desktop/Jerseys 2.pdf
Hey John! Im interested in looking at your cards but for some reason your attached file won't work. Please lmk if you can fix it or if its me, thanks!
Welcome to the Beckett Community and Hockey Boards, John! You will find a lot of great trading partners and loads of friends here. If there is ever anything that you need, please feel free to drop a line to any one of the more experienced members. You will need to have your cards listed in your Organize and marked For Trade in order to complete trades on the site. If you need a hand getting this done, just let someone know. This thread is a great bunch of hints and tips that the Community put together to help each other out. It is a lengthy read, but a vast amount of knowledge is in there on the collecting aspect.

Again, welcome to the Beckett Community and I hope that you can garner some cards that you are looking for, along with some good collecting friends! Best wishes!