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Full Version: Is anyone a fan of over sized cards?
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I have these for sale or trade. Lmk if you want any of em!

[Image: 8b1ef692-b526-4b39-8129-2ff5b2c98faf_zps06c2b606.jpg]
Crosby $25

[Image: 81d55d55-863f-4570-a44d-f9fbaf61eafe_zps57879af2.jpg]
Kadri $15 each or 3 for $35

[Image: 3c6a35e5-00be-4728-bb93-945a24d2fb82_zpsfd755a44.jpg]
Sakic $6 each

[Image: 535d903e-8f87-446e-813d-3bdc931991dc_zps72f7d30a.jpg]

Roy $15