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Full Version: Magic Johnson auto FT
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I have a 2008-09 Topps Signature Magic Johnson autograph card that I am looking to trade for a Larry Bird autograph card. There are a few other nice autographs I would be willing to trade it for, but I would prefer to get a Larry Bird auto. Does anyone have a Bird auto they want to trade for it. Almost forgot, I want one with Bird in a Celtics uniform (so none of the new Upper Deck cards showing him in his college uniform).
Is anyone interested in the Magic auto?
Dang, if you wanted some other stuff I'd definitely be willing to talk, but my Birds are definite can't move PC/set pieces lol
It doesn't seem like anyone has a Bird auto to trade? I will give it a few more days, but may consider other HOF autos if a Bird doesn't happen.
check me for it please ill go in your favor
If you are open to something other than Bird, I am interested
(10-17-2013, 11:29 AM)Hindu12 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for it please ill go in your favor
Thanks, but I didn't see anything in your ORG that I wanted for the Magic auto.
(10-17-2013, 12:23 PM)greekgoony Wrote: [ -> ]If you are open to something other than Bird, I am interested
I checked your ORG, but didn't see anything I could use for the Magic auto. Aside from Bird, I would want other top players autos like Julius Erving or possibly a low end Kobe Bryant auto.
I thought I had a deal done, but it didn't work out. So I am still looking to trade. Anyone else interested?
I have a bird dual auto if your interested
I have a bowman 48 Bird auto I want to trade but I didn't see anything else in your org that I liked. Do you have any other high end autos or rookie cards you might want to move?
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