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Full Version: 3 Platinum retail trio packs
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I haven't had any luck with hobby packs so I looked at a thread where someone was doing well with these retail packs. So I picked up 3 of them at Walmart. No pictures right now but it was better!

Arthur Brown on card auto
Manuel and Geno orange refractor
Landry Jones xfractor
And Nassib purple refractor /75 (apparently 1:400 packs)

Various other base rookies, orange refractors and xfractors

So yeah, platinum retail 1, platinum hobby 0
Congrats Smile Yeah, I've definitely had really good luck with those 3 pack trio things. I may even go back and get some more next time I hit Target LOL
please check me for the Manuel!
I've picked up a few of the retail three-packs as well. I haven't pulled any auto's but I hit a couple of nice rookies, Eddie Lacy and Quinton Patton being a couple of them.