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Full Version: 2012 Topps Magic
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Well I didn't get an entire box but I was able to buy a few Hobby packs. No major hits but I did get a Nick Foles Rookie Card that I've already placed on eBay...

Never really looked at this set too much but I actually think Topps did a great job with the art work on these.

This thread is about to die. You can't post links to live auctions.
(10-09-2013, 02:45 PM)joe callahan13 Wrote: [ -> ]This thread is about to die. You can't post links to live auctions. removed. Thanks for the tip.
I agree, looked pretty good. 09 was my fav though, probably because they were all in college uni
After sampling the set out of those two hobby packs I got, I plan on getting an entire box here shortly. Anxious to see what else I can pull.
Don't get your hopes up too high, NextUp, especially if you get a hobby box. I saw 4 cases of it opened, and suffice to say, they were BRUTAL. Retail seemed to have a lot higher of a chance to get nice hits.
I opened a case myself and all put together, I couldn't have sold what I got out of the box for a quarter of the cases cost. I still love the set, but you're better off buying the ones you want.
Pulled a Foles auto outta a blaster. Same box had a RG3 RC - graded it out - BGS 9.5. ( 3 9.5 sub grades and a 10 sub grade).

If your Foles is nice, pull the auction and grade it in a group sub. Might get it graded for less than $10 and if it hits 9.5 or higher - sell it then. Topps QC was insanely good with this set.
I really like the Topps Magic sets. On a side note, every one I have ever sent in graded VERY well. Not sure if it was just luck or they lend themselves to higher grades for some reason.
Thanks for all the feedback guys...