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Full Version: Another box of 2012 Black SICK PATCHES
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Well, after my average box of 2012 Black, I figured it wouldn't hurt to bust one more

Base /349
Matt Ryan
Davone Bess (no clue who you are lol)

Weaponry /349
Darren McFadden (....great lol)

Captains /349
Rey Maualuga this point I'm kinda starting to get freaked lol

Rookies /349
Omar Bolden
Cyrus Gray

OK...still freaked

Rookie /25
Jeff Demps

Rookie auto /49
Brandon Bolden

Rookie auto /25

Rookie auto REDEMPTION (because apparently every box has to have this)
Mark Barron (7th pick....ok good)

rookie prime auto patch /349
A.J. Jenkins (terrible condition, apparently he stacked these, the back is covered in gold ink!)

this probably saved the break!

[Image: image1_zpsc2c0e66f.jpeg]

Now...after a patch like that I really can't complain, but 1) condition on these is just...bad and 2) in a 200+ pack of football cards, WHY ARE THERE AUTOS OF SIGNED FREE AGENTS!!!

Fun break though!

I'll list these for trade shortly! If theres a specific one you need, lmk and I'll expedite!
Mark Barron was the 7th overall pick, not 7th round FYI.
(10-08-2013, 09:42 PM)BruinsFan91 Wrote: [ -> ]Mark Barron was the 7th overall pick, not 7th round FYI.
IK, I have no idea why I put round (probably because I went and had two flights of beer samples afterwards lol)
Wow nice patch! Sucks about the gold ink smudges but what you gonna do...
Where did you pay $200+? These boxes are under $150
(10-10-2013, 07:15 PM)weistmotosports345501 Wrote: [ -> ]Where did you pay $200+? These boxes are under $150
Long story. The LCS I shop at doesn't mark the prices on the box because he sells to a lot of guys who buy them to not open. His pricing is on an invoice. He warned me before I bought it that he didn't know how accurate the price was and offered to call his supplier, but I didn't have time to wait.