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Full Version: the last pack rule...2011 Timeless Treasures MOJO
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YES I BROKE ANOTHER ONE DANG IT!!! After those two non-regulars pulled the two Kaepernicks, there was only ONE left...and you know we can't leave one pack/tin!!!! I'm so glad I bought was even better than hitting a Kaepernick (at least to a HOF collector)

Base /499
Michael Vick
Ron Mix

Jersey /199
Andre Johnson

Jersey /50
Anquan Boldin (I need to collect this guy, I can't escape him! lol)

and the auto wasn't Kaepernick wasn't Von Miller



Odd # to be #ed to...but an amazing card for a HOF collector, and my first Tittle!!!!

Not bad for 50 bucks!
Niiiiice Tittles.
Sweet pull on Tittle. Congrats
gracias gents, can't believe it took 12 tins to finally hit a HOF auto though!
I think he may have wore #19
Woe sick hit man congrads! I managed to leave without buying another last weekend. Whole way home i was regretting it though! Honestly i really like this set but too many garbage breaks for me.
Congrats on hitting the YA! Last box or pack rule works most of the time! For me it has yielding some amazing and Super results!
'BOUT TIME BRUDDER!!! I'd rather have Y.A. any day!
Congrats! That is an awesome pull!
Great hit.... a HOFer auto beats a rookie auto any day of the week IMO.
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