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Full Version: My HOF Auto PC Hits 100 Cards! (Scans)
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With the arrival of my Rickey Henderson auto, my Hall of Fame Baseball Auto PC has hit 100 cards (104 autos total).

Please check out the slideshow below and lemme know what you think. Got an auto of someone in the HOF I don't have? Please let me know, as I'm always looking to trade or buy to add to this collection. Cheers!
Congrats!! Feels good huh!
Pretty amazing man congrats!
Wow that is great I only have 44 HOF autos. Congrats
Congratulations! I have 105 Hall of Famer autographs but from only 61 different players.

Also should mention that I think it's awesome that you can make out most all of the player's names from their sigs unlike most of today's players.
Incredible collection! Thanks for sharing
Beautiful my man. I love collections like this. I currently have 17 current HOF members myself, thanks to my 500 HR and 3,000 Hit Projects.
very nice! are you collecting them only after they are inducted or picking up ones you know are a lock when you can?
Terrific collection.
Great collection. Congrats!
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