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Full Version: New Traders Added! Please Read
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How is everyone doing today? I have added about 500 cards today! I am in the process of adding more as well. I'm gonna be downsizing my collection bigtime so take advantage now. I will try and trade with everyone that offers me a trade! I am mainly looking for my wants to just stash them away so I don't get to where I am now again with 3 full 4 row boxes of misc. hockey I need to sort through. Anyways keep checking back throughout the week as I am hoping to have it all added by Sat/Sun. Thanks Jeff
I'll take a look and hopefully send you an offer.
Sounds Good! Like I said I will look at all trades. I hammered one out rather quickly already hopefully I will have a few waiting for me when I get back home tonight
Open offer sent.
Thanks for all the trade offers guys keep em coming! I am going to be adding cards all day tomorrow so even if we made a trade already don't be shy to send over another offer.
offer sent
Offer sent!!
responded to all the offers. going to start adding more items now
Ill take a look too.
Open offer sent!
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