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Full Version: 2013 Certified and Topps Archives
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Tried my first box of Certified for this year and the Lcs had Archives on sale. Happy with both boxes.

[Image: 6e1c3c21-4ae0-4b6b-97e7-ba7b4fc73fba_zpse4a83f1e.jpg]

Willie Gault from Archives Chris Gragg #/999 one color Prime Vance McDonald and a dirty Julio Jones jersey #/99. (The Julio is not damaged it scanned funny.)

[Image: hits3_zps02b5eabd.jpeg]

And the big hits imo Marcedes Lewis gold parallel auto #/10 the other auto from Archives a 1/1 cut auto of John Stamos!
Very sick John Stamos hit. Is it for trade?
Good stuff! Like that gault auto
Would love to get that Julio Smile Very nice and unique break with that Stamos lol Uncle Jesse.
Nice Greek Yogurt guy!! His autos so "stuffed in" that card! Also love the dirt on the Julio!
Sweet Gault, Jeffro! And John Stamos--now there's an oddball hit if I ever saw one! lol
Nice Julio. John Stamos? wtf? lol
very good bro!!!
Nice stamos #"d 1/1
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