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Full Version: Stephen Jackson auto for 4 bags of penny sleeves
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I don't want to spend a dime till the end of the year so I'm trading cards for

I will trade the Jackson auto for 4 bags of Penny Sleeves
[Image: jf0c.jpg]
You will need to put the card in ur org to trade it. I have slight interest in the card.
Is the card numbered? You need to add the card to your org and mark it for trade before anything can happen. Let me know. I am interested in it.

Yea I'm still learning how to do that.
Ok I think I just added it to my organize folder.
I live in Texas and trade for anything spurs. If these guys above pass, i'll take it and mail the penny sleeves tommorrow. I got them here in front of me. let me know.
oh.. just remembered there are diff sizes.. i am talking about 3x4 ultra pro penny sleeves.
I didn't see it marked for trade. I will do the trade, but need you to mark the card for trade.