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Full Version: 0 pending trades, 0 trade offers.....
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Anyone trading anymore? I haven't received a trade offer in weeks and the ones I send out get ignored.

Please send me open offers or if you have any Roy cards check and see if I have them as a want.

Let's get this place rocking again.

Sent open offer.
I be ready for that/those Halak!!!

Offer set, anyone else trading?
I've got 50+ open offers sent out now to various members of the community. Beckett says they've all logged in at least within the past 2 weeks. And yet here i sit, just like you. Lonely and afraid. My habit is too strong and i can't get the fix i need....its a full moon tonight....i'm scared.....
I'm back up and trading again as only issue is my Organize subscription is lapsed, but hopefully only temporarily!
Thanks Ron, got one deal on the go now
Anyone trading? I thought it was going to pick up with the season starting.
you got any Marian Hossa (blackhawks)
(10-05-2013, 07:59 PM)HeXpHighlite Wrote: [ -> ]you got any Marian Hossa (blackhawks)
I don't think so, maybe an insert or two, if I do they are listed FT.