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Full Version: Identifying series of a 1972 Topps Football wax pack
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Looking for some help on how to identify the series of a 1972 Topps football wax pack.

I used to think the color of the football player images and the word "football" is what determined the series but I've seen the orange players with red lettering called both a series 1 and a series 2 pack.

Is there any definitive way to know the series of a sealed pack from 1972 without actually opening it ?

Thanks for the help

I was recently in the same situation as you. I bought a 1972 topps football wax pack graded by PSA but it didnt state what series it was. I was able to identify the top card as a Mike Mccoy Pro Action card due to the "white dots" on the right which are actually the crowd in the card's background. Once I received the pack, I could see through the back of the pack and identified the back card as Buck Buchanan. I checked to online and saw that the Mike Mccoy and the Buchanan both belong to series 2. Thus Im pretty sure my pack is a series 2. Might be tougher if your pack is a darker color. Hope that helps with your situation.

[Image: 1972toppspack_zps45d681f8.jpg]
excellent idea. seems like that may be the best approach. I appreciate the help