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Full Version: 7 Boxes of 2013 Platinum
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Broke few...took a's the hits....

[Image: 20130920_135818-1_zpsafdd52c2.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135840-1_zps0f8d15aa.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135626-1_zps6ae9cba1.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135608-1_zpsc722a621.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135634-1_zps0ef50114.jpg]

and the two biggest hits.....

[Image: 20130920_135641-1_zps10c6e493.jpg]


[Image: 20130920_135851-1_zpsa4009c9e.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135753-1_zpsca819ad1.jpg]

[Image: 20130920_135718-1_zpsb9ab642c.jpg]
nice hits!! Platinum seems to be decent..
Pretty nice!
Nice hits I would be interested in your Die cuts and black refractors if they are for trade. I have my wants listed for my set needs.
Big time interested in the Gio auto and the Lattimore's
PM'ed you
Looks like you hit some sick patches there! If some of this is Ft I am very interested in the Jordan Reed AU, Ertz Patch AU and the Ellington Au also.
wow a 5er, got to love that Smile
Is that Dobson available? I would love a shot at it.
Good Stuff! hit me up if any are for trade
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