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Full Version: My 2013 Platinum break results
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Dups are for trade in exchange for ones I do not have, trying to complete the entire set minus the short prints. Adding everything in now which will take some time.

[Image: Untitled.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled1.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled2.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled3.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled4.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled5.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled6.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled7.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled8.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled9.jpg~original]

[Image: Untitled10.jpg~original]
[Image: Untitled11.jpg~original]
if Hankins becomes a star you are set for life lol. nice break!
please check me for the austin
Nice break! I'm a HUGE Matt Barkley fan, would appreciate a look for the 10/10.

Thanks! RJ
(09-17-2013, 07:49 PM)montanacollector1619 Wrote: [ -> ]If they are FT, check me for the 2 Robert Woods patch auto's and the Giovani Bernard Auto.
Very cool break!!! I bet that was a blast!

Did you happen to pull any of the RG3 die cuts? If so, are they for trade?