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Full Version: 1 Pack of 2013 Inception and 2 Packs of 2012 Supreme
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I got these a couple of weeks ago and just got around to scanning them.
2013 Inception....
Stepfan Taylor auto #1/75
[Image: 6405028e-5c04-427e-9089-3bc4e1e502d3_zpsf2abe8b9.jpg]
Tavon Austin patch #16/75
[Image: 86770d38-c9db-4f34-8861-738f31e12242_zps15a081f5.jpg]
Marcus Lattimore auto #37/50
[Image: dab9f537-b8d1-4786-930c-4e7218c93e1f_zps53659999.jpg]
First pack of 2012 Supreme....
Justin Blackmon auto # 07/15
[Image: 4f052559-9a4f-4c2b-a2a1-3947df669bf7_zps21dba735.jpg]
Second pack of 2012 Supreme....
Russell Wilson auto #02/15
[Image: 5e74a084-3c30-427a-a5cd-43bd1db27660_zpsb277b6e6.jpg]
Thanks for looking!!!
Nice Wilson!!
Check me for the Latti Auto
Sick Hits! Very nice rookie hits as well as great second year players!
Dang! Nice!