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Full Version: LCS Blasters and a couple nice pickups.
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LCS weekend and picked up some blasters. 3-2013 Topps and 1-2013 Topps Platinum and 1 pack of Platinim picked out of the box by a woman I asked for luck. And 2 PC cards. And 2 cards for a fellow member. Just gonna show whats in the blasters first for those who havent bought any yet,
Here is the MOJO I got for asking a nice young lady to pick my Platinum single pack.
Mike Gillislee Sweet patch Auto (sticker). Numbered 60/125. It was the only card in the pack.
3 Topps Ribbon Team patches, 2 camo 1 pink (manufactured, came in their owns packs, Target exclusive 1 per box). Not numbered, only the NFL Ribbon Logo's are numbered (99). And prolly just in the Hobby boxes.
Topps Pink parallel (Gore) Same as last year, numbered to 399.
In the Platinum blaster I got 1 jersey card of Stepfan Taylor, separate from the packs. 5 rookie cards (Teo being the best). And these 2 X-Fractor cards (Ball and Dysert- not numbered). No other inserts at all. Just base.
[Image: poster001_zpse659d0db.jpg]
Here are some of the inserts in the Topps product. Camo is /399 and gold is /2013. Same idea as last year as well. Also below is the Saphire parallel for the platinum cards ( Graham-not numbered). These cards are on thicker stock, and has those oblong circles in the swish.
[Image: posters2001_zpsfbb3a11f.jpg]
Here we have 3 of the mini's from the Topps product.4 per box. Btw I averaged 15 rookies per blaster as well.
I picked up these 2 Owens hard signed auto's to trade to a member here on Beckett. Both Sp Authentic 1999 and 2000 buyback 258/282. Was glad my LCS owner held onto these for me. I asked him to keep an eye out.
And these 2 cards I picked up for RC/PC! CJ Spiller Certified Auto/Mem/RC 019/349, and Cam Newton Absolute Auto/Mem/RC 123/199..!!
stoked to add these to the collection...
[Image: poster3001_zps2756a7c6.jpg]
Please trade camo Justin hunter to me!
Nice Gillislee!! Great stuff..
(09-17-2013, 11:42 AM)spazzyvol Wrote: [ -> ]Please trade camo Justin hunter to me!
I can do that... send me an open offer with maybe a couple other cards you might want, and I will add that card to org and counter... Trying not to trade right now but this is ok.

(09-17-2013, 12:01 PM)kct1 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Gillislee!! Great stuff..
Thanx bud... Will get to our trade, asap. Just not been feeling like trading lately. I have so many cards around my desk its insane. Shoot me a msg of 1 good NFL- Auto/mem/rc and you can have all those hockey.