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Full Version: 2013 Topps Inception
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Ok so i posted over on the baseball board that i pulled this outta my first pack/box in years (Allen & Ginter blaster) and it kinda got me hooked.

[Image: image_zps4b613457.jpg]

So i decided i'd try my luck with Topps Inception. I think i did well Especially since i'm a Bungles guy. What do you think?

[Image: 36c542f9-b484-4dcc-95e5-772276a74cb2_zps7f710bad.jpg]

[Image: cbc0c597-3574-45e7-b26f-65f2d5018084_zps76ace873.jpg]

[Image: image-2_zpsad41375d.jpg]

[Image: d4bb652b-a0f9-4fb9-b263-db3276dc0bf4_zps7d208967.jpg]

[Image: image-4_zpsa3882ea0.jpg]
nice break! That Allen and Ginter is an interesting product.. I think I saw a Mike McCarthy auto in it too! Those Inception aren't too shabby either!
Nice stuff love the Stills!
Is the Hopkins for trade? If so- check me please.
Thats a pretty nice Inception break! Congrats!
Thanks all. I think it it too. After watching a few breaks i havent really seen a lot of /25 come up. Trying to value these now as i'm new and really have no clue Wink
Nice ginter pull.
if the stills of Hopkins are FT please let me know. Great break!!