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Full Version: Wow...Lucky Number 7
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So today after work I decided to stop by the local card shop and get me a few boxes as a early birthday gift (not until the 19th but whatever haha,) and when I walked in I saw they had boxes of 2013 Topps Platinum for $90. I bought my first box and it wasn't that bad but it also wasn't that great. Then I decided well I might as well treat myself to one more. So the owner asked me this time what box I wanted. I read the serial numbers and the boxers were 01, 03, and 07. So I said let's go with lucky number 7. And let's just say Happy Birthday to me I guess haha.

Box 1
[Image: Platinum1_zpsc16d2a27.png]
[Image: Platinum2_zps30155b5a.png]
Box 2
[Image: Platinum3_zps5cf0058b.png]
And The Birthday Gift
[Image: Platinum4_zps41db1f62.png]
[Image: dayum.gif]
Haha that is exactly what I felt
Dang that is sick
Sweet pull. Awesome looking card
Thanks everyone!! What do you all think I could get for that beauty?
A lot! Nice break! Both boxes were really good!
Thank you, Thank you!
Those are some weet pullsSmile When I make the trip to my fav card shop I always let them pick the packs or boxes for me. Havent been delt a bad one yet.
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