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Full Version: Great addition to MJ collection: Sign of the Times (and shoe update photo)
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[Image: %24(KGrHqF,!o0FIJNE3HlEBSEVERKEYg~~60_57.JPG]
( promo version of it) Wink
Sweet MJ!
Very nice, I don't think I have seen that one before.
Congrats on the addition nice card.
Promo or real deal (even better), it's still a nice MJ addition.
Sweet looking card,I remember like 2 years ago a lot of 3 Jordan dealer promo cards were listed for a BIN of $12 I hesitated and someone jumped on them quickly.I kicked myself in the butt haha.Nice addition!
is it a facsimile auto? i would imagine the dealer promo cards wouldnt be autoed. sweet pick up, ive never seen these before.
also got this one
[Image: %24T2eC16ZHJHcFFkOfD!qIBSEU+nkNs!~~60_57.JPG]
I had seen these posted on eBay...thought about picking them up but decided against it. Very cool though!
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