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Full Version: Looking for Lebron inserts: Freshman Season, LJ Profiles, Season Review, The Lebrons
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I have my org updated to reflect what I need. I am willing to buy also. I have 190+ extra Lebron cards. I am willing to trade for others I need. I will even trade in your favor! I'll need to go through my org again because I traded some cards off line at a shop recently. Please be patient as I try to reflect it all correctly.

Hello Chad, I recently picked up a few Lebron inserts.
Awesome, Bryan...We'll see what we can pull off. Connect with me when you have a chance and we'll move from there.
I just picked up a ton of Lebron UD The Lebrons Hot Pack stuff, as well as some Reserve stuff. If anyone needs some as well.

I am fully willing to buy and/or trade Lebrons for Lebrons.
Check me I have a few Lebrons and I have a The Lebrons jersey one that I will add to my org tonight if you're interested.
i have one of the lebrons cards you need i believe