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Full Version: Gotta show off a recent pickup
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Not one to show off but this one was a must, picked up for 1/2 BV and yes its #3 of 25 and jersey # so my special 1/1.

[Image: BrandonWeedenToppsGiveaway3-25.jpg~original]
That's a beauty! Congrats bud.
Nice card. I really like those redemptions.
(08-26-2013, 01:37 PM)ftballcardz Wrote: [ -> ]Nice card. I really like those redemptions.
Thanks everyone this was a giveaway from Topps.

Nice addition.
Thats a cool looking card. Congrats on the nice pickup!
love that set, too bad you can only buy them off of others who won them during the contest, or win them yourself
Sweet card. Sounds like he's looking good this year.