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Full Version: 2013 Finest 1 Box Break = X2 /10 HITS!!!!
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Busted this from LCS


[Image: cc28ae1c4efb9a08ff98e9d2a8ff207b_zps29891c94.jpg]

Inserts and Parallels

[Image: e3db153566cb4075c798ba11b055684e_zpscb213045.jpg]

First PINK Hit

[Image: 4fa21fc47b26b356f7cd87ef3d38513d_zpsa2ced474.jpg]

Then a nice 3 colored RAP

[Image: 57394f36b84d037a939fab9c7c1484ae_zps812043e1.jpg]

Then obviously the hit of the box

[Image: 634145b55ba6160ef2a54a5193b57f5a_zpsfaadee95.jpg]

Thanks for looking
Nice break! I didnt get any color in mine. Interested in the finest moments lacy if its FT
very nice congrats!!
you looking to move that jarvis?
I would be interested in that Bailey if you want to move it.
looking to sell only if you need something PM me
you know, i had a box a few days ago. i didnt get a single finest moments or die cut atomic rookie in any pack. i got two auto/jsy and one other auto card as well though.
those patches are really nice, they go perfect with the cards