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Full Version: 50.00 could be yours.
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So I FINALLY got my PayPal account set up correctly. Ive got 50.00 bucks I want to blow. So here is the deal, please put together what you can offer me for 50.00. It can be 1 card or 50 cards. You MUST leave scans to be considered. I will go through this thread Monday and pick a member who left scans of what they would give me for 50.00 and I will PM them and settle the deal. Hope this works well! Smile Thanks in advance
Thought people would be chomping at the bit for this :/ I thought it was a good idea lol
i have a Sano bowman platinum 5/5. here is the link. thanks
[Image: Scan0105_zps15dac145.jpg]
Pretty a$$ card! Always like doing business with you snappy! Thanks for the offer!
I will have an offer up tomorrow morning. You want all sports, not just baseball right?
Zander - that would be great! Thanks
(08-16-2013, 02:42 PM)photowiz1 Wrote: [ -> ]Zander - that would be great! Thanks
Hey, your preferences say you like the Red Sox, so would you be interested in a Daniel Bard Pro Debut card? It's BCCG 10 which is at least an 8 if done with PSA. I also can guarantee a Brett farve card, some parallel cards, and one or two GU's. What other football/Hockey cards would you be looking for? I just bought a giant box a few days ago and now I'm trying to get rid of them.
Just throw an offer up. I'm actually just looking for a nice card/s. doesn't have to be what I collect. Like the Sano above, I could care less about that kid and the team, but I know he's a hot prospect and its #\d to 5. Might snatch it
here's what i have for you
[Image: taylorguerrieriauto.jpg],[Image: adamwarrenauto.jpg]
[Image: dejesusauto.jpg],[Image: kilaletterauto.jpg]
[Image: miltonbradleyauto.jpg],[Image: russmartinturkredauto.jpg]
[Image: brandonwoodauto.jpg]
and all 10 gu on this page

and this '12 bowman chome gold refractor hamels/50

Thanks for the offer. Love that Sosa bench card! That's a nice peice and that letterman too! I'll let you know Monday! Smile
yes, i know the pics are terrible Sad

[Image: 0523380c-7cd3-4ab5-97c7-634bdef5760c_zps5245ece3.jpg]
[Image: a6f5a4e4-81eb-4976-90ba-b962b1786bd6_zpsf30fd83d.jpg]
[Image: fcbb7fd0-ab01-41f4-a8f2-821607179565_zps3c15a448.jpg]

any questions with names or stuff like that please feel free to ask!!
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