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Full Version: Some Martins
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Received these cards in a trade recently. It took over a month to get done and it wiped out a good portion of my RU FT but was worth it. Probably will not get much cards, need to save up again Smile Jason, you said that you like seeing cards because it motivates you to get more, so here are the pictures of what I got:

[Image: img138_zps231e095a.jpg]
1993 Card Dynamics Quik Chek #7 Mark Martin 3920/5000

[Image: img139_zps1cc23fc6.jpg]
2002 VIP Explosives Lasers #LX36 Mark Martin AS 058/420

[Image: img143_zps131e6cdc.jpg]
2007 Press Pass Legends Blue #B35 Mark Martin 637/999

[Image: img141_zps50299588.jpg]
2007 Press Pass Legends Gold #G35 Mark Martin 077/249

[Image: img142_zps34194c67.jpg]
2007 Press Pass Legends Bronze #Z35 Mark Martin 561/599

[Image: img145_zps829eb229.jpg]
2003 Wheels High Gear Flag Chasers Black #FC9 Mark Martin 43/90

[Image: img146_zps9b970c32.jpg]
2005 Press Pass Burning Rubber Cars #BRT18 Mark Martin's Car 019/130

[Image: img147_zpsd1915910.jpg]
2009 Wheels Main Event Hat Dance Double #HDMM Mark Martin 31/99

[Image: img150_zpsdc246cc9.jpg]
2010 Press Pass Burning Rubber #BR14 Mark Martin/Michigan 238/250


lol, yes...yes it does motivate me!

I actually wanted to get the Rusty 1993 Card Dynamics Quik Chek and had it on watch on the Bay...unfortunately, I didn't have the $$ before the auction ended and he hasn't put it back up yet. Love that addition!

Your Martin RU collection is getting quite the boost! Keep 'em comin'!
Thank you, Martin is a whole lot easier to trade for than Gordon or Danica.