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Full Version: Group Break Hits - Bills, Raiders, Cardinals, Texans
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Hey guys, just wanted to show off the haul from a recent group break. This was from the Bills, Raiders, Cardinals, and Texans. The best part is there's another break next week that is twice as big so expecting some nice results. I have different teams so these ones are all open but thought I'd share;

[Image: 032.jpg]

[Image: 030.jpg]

[Image: 029.jpg]

[Image: 019.jpg]

[Image: 016.jpg]

[Image: 213.jpg]

[Image: 198.jpg]

[Image: 179.jpg]

[Image: 177.jpg]

[Image: 167.jpg]

Sorry...forgot a couple Texans...

[Image: 67da1fb3-0f2d-404d-81a2-cbb31366070d.jpg]

[Image: 009.jpg]

wow you killed it..with the bills and raiders..congrats!!
Man that Bo Jackson is nice.. oh wait, both of them haha. Very nice haul!
Is the Watt FT? I don't have that one yet....
Would love the criner and the Bo's ....awesome and congrats
Those Bo's are big time, congrats!
Oh my u cleaned up! 2 Bo's? Dang!!
Thanks guys, PM's sent.
Very nice! They are some sweet looking cards
check my org for the flutie
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