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Full Version: 2 boxes of inception
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Just decided to get two more boxes and hope for the best.

Quentin Patton AUTO
Johnathan Franklin /99 auto
Andre Ellington Auto 3 color patch
Terrance Williams AWESOME patch auto
Keenan Allen 4 color Jumbo Patch /10
Marquise Goodwin Jumbo Relic

Not bad. I like this product and keep going back to the well.
interested in the franklin if available for trade..
Also interested in the franklin
That Franklin is a pretty nice hit!
Nice patch #"D 10
i would be happy with those 2 boxes always nice to get lots pf multi color patches
What is the terence Williams #'d
(08-15-2013, 12:38 AM)Kingofallmarks Wrote: [ -> ]What is the terence Williams #'d
86/345 It is the middle where the numbers are.