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Full Version: Anyone Collect 90's-00's Inserts Anymore? Scans
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I have a bunch of baseball 90's and early to mid 00's inserts for trade, took some scans of some of the better ones. Lot's more available too.Threw in some scans of vintage and newer stuff too. Mostly looking for rookie year, RCs, RC parallels, and minor league cards of the guys I collect who I will list below. I collect hall of famer autographs from all sports also if you are game to trade some low end HOF sigs. Thanks for looking!

I collect these players RCs, rookie year and minor league cards:

HOFer RCs & minor league
Craig Biggio - minor league
Ken Griffey Jr - minor league
Frank Thomas - '90 Bowman & Topps Tiffany's & earlier
Mike Piazza - '92 & earlier
Derek Jeter - '93 & earlier
Vladimir Guerrero - '95
Adrian Beltre - '97 & earlier
CC Sabathia - '99 & earlier
Miguel Cabrera - '00
Albert Pujols - '01
Ichiro - '01
Joe Mauer - '02
Robinson Cano - '03
Brian McCann - '03
Yadier Molina - '04
Felix Hernandez - '04
Carlos Gonzalez - '05
Justin Verlander - '05
Prince Fielder - '05 & earlier
Clayton Kershaw - '08 & earlier
Mike Trout - '11 & earlier
Bryce Harper - '12 & earlier
Manny Machado '13 & earlier

Hall of Famer RCs
1994 Marshall Faulk
1995 Curtis Martin
1995 Warren Sap
1996 Terrell Owens
1996 Marvin Harrison
1997 Tony Gonzalez
1998 Peyton Manning
1998 Randy Moss
1998 Charles Woodson
1999 Champ Bailey
2000 Tom Brady
2000 Brian Urlacher
2001 Drew Brees
2001 Ladainian Tomlinson
2002 Ed Reed
2003 Tony Romo
2004 Ben Roethlisberger
2004 Eli Manning
2005 Aaron Rodgers
2005 Demarcus Ware
2006 Brandon Marshall
2007 Adrian Peterson
2007 Patrick Willis
2007 Calvin Johnson
2008 Ray Rice
2008 Matt Ryan
2008 Chris Johnson
2008 Joe Flacco
2012 Andrew Luck

Hall of Famer RCs
1992-93 Shaquille O'Neal - mostly inserts
1994-95 Jason Kidd - mostly inserts/parallels
1995-96 Kevin Garnett - mostly inserts/parallels
1996-97 Kobe Bryant
1996-97 Allen Iverson - mostly inserts/parallels
1996-97 Ray Allen
1997-98 Tim Duncan - mostly inserts/parallels
1997-98 Chauncey Billups - mostly inserts/parallels
1998-99 Dirk Nowitzki
1998-99 Paul Pierce
2003-04 Lebron James
2003-04 Dwyane Wade
2003-04 Carmelo Anthony
2004-05 Dwight Howard
2007-08 Kevin Durant
2008-09 Russell Westbrook
2009-10 Stephen Curry
2009-10 James Harden
2009-10 Blake Griffin
2012-13 Kyrie Irving

Hall of Famer Rcs
2001-02 Ilya Kovalchuk
2001-02 Pavel Datsyuk
2002-03 Henrik Zetterberg
2005-06 Alex Ovechkin
2005-06 Sidney Crosby
2005-06 Henrik Lundqvist
2007-08 Jonathan Toews
2007-08 Patrick Kane
2008-09 Steven Stamkos
2009-10 John Tavares

Wow, sorry for the long list! Here are the scans....

Some vintage, Reggie Jackson 2nd year & Don Sutton 2nd year
[Image: scan0001_zpse6d15d8a.jpg]
1989 Topps Tiffany Nolan Ryan, 1990 Fleer Canadian Nolan Ryan & Henderson
[Image: scan0002_zpsb097d4e4.jpg]
Mondesi Crusade #d to 100
[Image: scan0003_zps4ef8e3dd.jpg]
[Image: scan0004_zps96e33edb.jpg]
[Image: scan0005_zps622956b2.jpg]
Braves Black Refractor #d to 50
[Image: scan0006_zps7041afac.jpg]
JFK Berlin Wall Relic, Jimmy Carter #d to 39, Ripken #d to 250
[Image: scan0007_zps581c6ab2.jpg]
2005 Red X-Fractors #d to 25 (I believe?), Zenith Nolan Ryan #d to 250
[Image: scan0008_zpscb3b7a82.jpg]
Topps Blacks #d to 57, Jeter & Jay #d to 60
[Image: scan0009_zps1605730f.jpg]
Morneau #d to 60, Lance Lynn #d to 60
[Image: scan0011_zps1a5a87ba.jpg]
i want about a dozen of those cards, but i have to search some boxes for your wants. you can check my org if you like but i think i might have some stuff you want that i don't have listed. let me see what i can find and i'll get back to you.
(08-10-2013, 05:56 PM)lecreccio Wrote: [ -> ]i want about a dozen of those cards, but i have to search some boxes for your wants. you can check my org if you like but i think i might have some stuff you want that i don't have listed. let me see what i can find and i'll get back to you.
Sounds good, thank you
You ha ve a Joe Dimaggio insert I really need to complete a set. I sent an offer for a few more also but we can trim it down if need be so I can get the Joe D
i'd be interested in anything jeter or ripken jr if you wanna check my organize man
I could use the Nolan's and Griffey Elite. If you want to check me.
I have to deal with something right now so I will get to everyone tomorrow. Please be patient I have alot of offers to look at but I should be able to get to them all tomorrow afternoon and evening. Thanks guys!
Interested in the vintage Spahn, both the Ripken and bonds flashback cards, the Berlin Wall card as well. Please check or PM me. Thanks
What back does that Clemente Topps 206 have?
(08-11-2013, 09:54 AM)petesahuttt Wrote: [ -> ]What back does that Clemente Topps 206 have?
It's the Sweet Caporal Blue back.
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