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Full Version: Selling Crosby, Stamkos
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I have been trying to sell some of my cards for quite some time and without any success. So I figured I might as well try to sell it on here since nothing else seems to work. I don't know if it is just me, but it seems the market for selling sports cards is just absolutely awful. Anyways I am taking offers on this bad boy, so feel free to message me!
Thanks everyone,
[Image: 3e9cb094-e81b-4cb2-9fc3-cd4d66fd60fc_zpsf38a499f.jpg]
[Image: Crosby12_zps45537a9f.png]
[Image: Crosby2345_zps14428592.png]
[Image: Crosby6789_zps5a9f7e9f.png]
Thats weird, that Stamkos sells on the bay all the time. Graded 9 it should go for around $120-$140ish. Have you had some kind of out of this world reserve on it?.... I have a raw one and I get offers of $75 hard on it all the time.
No I put it at $90 and got no bids... I don't understand haha
Im trying to sell this one cause I got the same card but a 9.5
Well , hold on to it till next hockey season. I do know that hockey, in the card area, has been slow. Especially here on Beckett. Its a great Rc, make sure you dont sell it too short of what its worth. I would offer you something , but my NHL traders are low lately. Actually they will prolly never get better as I stopped buying NHL product. What turned me off of trading NHL, is the traders want to much for their cards. Other sports are much "friendlier", so to speak, or for a lack of better words. Here it seems BV is king, no realistic value counts. Other sports mind you , here on Beckett are way more open minded. Its odd, but in my experience, true.
The Crosby set is BV around like $160 if you add all the cards together and I put it up for $80 and got no bids. So im wondering if this just might never sell haha
Ok , to be honest , those cards are kinda like a dime a dozen. You will never ever get anywhere near the bv in cash for those cards. You would get closer in trade value (TV) for them though. Your best bet is to trade those for cards you might like. Or for traide bait, or maybe for a card you can actually sell... Sorry bud, but just giving it to you strait. I bet on the BAY you would only get a buck or maybe 2 for each of them Crosby Heroes cards. And only if they can be bought more then one with combined shipping. Again Trade value for them is still good though. The Stamkos is one that will always be worth actual cash though. Unless of course he gets hurt and is out for life or something.
Yea, I always wanted to trade it away but I would want to trade someone the entire set and not just one cause its a neat set with a great read if you read them all haha.
It is a good set.. I traded a guy some of the set I had left. He is a huge Crosby fan. Dont see him much lately trading, but he always answers his offers. I will send you the link to his profile if you want. He might not care to double up on some of his cards, and get the whole set.
BGS 9.5 of the Stamkos YG are currently going for 70-90 dollars. That's probably why you didn't get any bids on it. Regardless I think you could probably start it around 40 and it would get up to 60-70, but right now that's about as high as it will go. You need to wait for the season to start and people seeing him score goals will cause the demand to increase for it.
I put it up on the bay for $75 cause all the others are around $90 that I can see