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Full Version: Very nice Rusty & JMac adds
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Just got these two in and wanted to share them with y'all. I know some of you have seen the Rusty over on Derek's thread in the baseball forums...I was quite pleased to be able to add it to my collection without having to give up a Bubba Starling I'm quite fond of. And the JMac actually cost me another PC card, but he is a Bowyer collecter too and was very happy to trade it for this sweet JMac. Enjoy, my friends!

2011 Press Pass Showcase Prized Pieces Sheet Metal Ink #PPIJM Jamie McMurray 12/45

[Image: IMG_0331_zps86ecf4fe.jpg]

2010 Press Pass Legends Autographs Holofoil #51 Rusty Wallace 16/24

[Image: IMG_0344_zps1e455e33.jpg]


Sweet pick-ups Jason. Congrats, man!
(08-07-2013, 02:09 AM)spazmatastic Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet pick-ups Jason. Congrats, man!
Thank you, Adam! I'm quite proud of them both.
Very nice! Was looking at the Wallace but couldn't part with what he wanted for it. Already have a Rusty so I figured I didn't need 2. Congrats!
Nice cards Jason Smile I will be sending a post out either tonight or tomorrow of a few cards that I got on Monday. BTW, mailing your cards tomorrow Smile

Thank you very much Jerry & Kevin!

I actually got a few more in the mail today...a 2013 Ignite Austin Dillon Auto #/25, a 2011 Element JMac auto #/60, and a 2013 Redline JMac RU #/50. All very nice cards as well.

Can't wait to see what ya got, Jerry!

Be Well, my friends
Nice pickups congrats