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Full Version: Just loaded some Hockey-Looking to Finish Sets
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I`m in need of Artifacts-last 3-4 yrs
Crown Royale-last 2yrs
2012-13 sp game-used

Always looking for Pens!!!
Have some I could move. Check my org, all should be there. Smile
great-thanks a bunch
no help here? i dont buy it!!!!!
(08-08-2013, 05:28 AM)captbucco Wrote: [ -> ]no help here? i dont buy it!!!!!
Slow end of the hobby season. When the players are off the ice, the cards are off the shelf and the members are in the streets. It's like a zombie nation out there with us geeks walking around. Haha!

I have a whack of 2013-13 SP Game Used in my Org. available for trade. I will see what you have that I can use, and hopefully we can get a trade in the works. Best wishes!

your wants marked in your org?