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Hey All,
I have deleted my organize and will be re-populating once my family and I move into our new house in Clermont, Florida. Please do not take any offense if we have any trade communication...Just wanting to go through my collections thoroughly and once my family and I get settled I will be ready to get going again..thanks, Rodney
Good luck on the move! .... hit the LCS's and scoop up some phins stuff Smile
Take care of your move and we can pick it up when you're ready! I also recently moved and it's a huge pain. So, have fun with that!
Take care! Don't forget to hit me up when you settle in!
Best of luck on the move.
good luck with everything.. will see ya around the fantasy football league then!
I know moving is a pain..moved from Virginia Beach to Italy; Italy to Virginia Beach; Va Beach to Hawaii; Hawaii to Va Beach; Va Beach to Suffolk, Va; Suffolk to Florida..we are ready to stay settled finally..keep the kids in one school..
Hope the move goes well, Rodney!

Is it me, or have a lot of board members been moving lately?
Ok...well the seller backed out on the we are not moving..just unpacking everything again here at our current home..I will get my cards unpacked within the next week or so..
That sucks! Did they at least have a good reason?
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