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Full Version: Countdown to 3,000 Favres
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I can't believe I'm this close to it. I'm approaching 3,000 unique Favre cards. I thought that this would be a perfect excuse to start a mailday thread as I approach the big number.

BTW, I'm always looking to trade and add more to my collection. Feel free to shoot me offers and PMs. I'll be adding new cards throughout the month.

Here we go.

Today I got 3 packages and four cards.

Favre # 2,894 (106 to go)
[Image: 8t02f01px250.jpg]
1992 Wild Card Field Force Gold #14
This one has been eluding me for the price I wanted it for. Finally ponied up the dough and have it once more.

#2895 (105 to go)
[Image: 835s7v7vx250.jpg]
1995 Pro Line MVP Redemption #MVP 14
This is the one with the 1 of 4,000 printed on the front of the card. Another card I used to own and had to give up when money was tight. Still looking for the other two versions of this card.

#2896 (104 to go)
[Image: kmdcfacnx250.jpg]
1996 CE President's Reserve Timewarp #6 w/ Jack Youngblood /2000
One of my all-time favorite cards and another that I used to own. One of those that I would see available and pass on because I thought I had it. That's the problem with having to start a collection over from scratch.

#2897 (103 to go)
[Image: ei6rk9x1x250.jpg]
2012 Topps QB Immortals Relics /50
I love the simple design of this card. Part of my attempt to get as many of 2012 as I can.

There you have it. I will likely have some new cards tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy.
That is amazing!! Good luck with getting to 3000
3000 is one incredible number!!! Good Luck reaching the milestone!
(08-02-2013, 10:59 PM)brentboudreaux1 Wrote: [ -> ]That is amazing!! Good luck with getting to 3000
Not an easy task. Congrats man!
Nice additions!
Thanks to all of you with the nice words and encouragement. No packages today that I know of. That should mean a big mail day on Monday!
Ugh! Starting over must be a pain, memory-wise. I have often wished I had a photographic memory at shows. With thousands of card at home, it is not uncommon for me to purchase something I already have.
(08-03-2013, 02:37 PM)jonathani Wrote: [ -> ]Ugh! Starting over must be a pain, memory-wise. I have often wished I had a photographic memory at shows. With thousands of card at home, it is not uncommon for me to purchase something I already have.
I do the same thing. I must have 60 Favre dupes that I'm trying to get together. I'm buying stuff all the time, thinking that I don't have it, only to find that I have it. Then, because I had 1700 or so different in my first collection, I'm always passing things up because I already have it, only to find out that I don't. I have databases that I use but something always sneaks by. I don't think there is a perfect solution for any of this.
Turns out I had a package after all.

#2898 (102 to go)
[Image: 12tpq8h3x250.jpg]
1997 Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes #MH10
I love this card! Always wanted one but never pulled the trigger or was too expensive when I saw it in a Green Bay card shop. Got a great deal for it on eBay. Couldn't pass it up.

Also, while I was sorting through some of my cards, adding the new ones to my boxes, I found one that wasn't already in my I added it.

#2899 (101 to go)
[Image: bxj5xrz1x250.jpg]
1997 Pinnacle Mint Die Cuts #1
I got confused by the whole die cut and non die cut versions of the card. Now I have the regulars, as well as the die cuts from this year. Yay for me.

Seeing as that last card was nothing spectacular, I thought I show off a couple others that I picked up in the last week.

[Image: l571e6yux250.jpg]
1997 Donruss Preferred #5
Tried buying this one from a different Green Bay card shop a few months ago. Shop owner's dad refused to sell it for less than book and barely budged when I told him that he was out of his mind. Didn't get it that day and wasn't surprised to see the shop shut down when I visited last month. Got this off eBay and couldn't be happier at the price I got it for.

[Image: s1m9h457x450.jpg]
2002 Topps Pristine Driving Force Jersey #DF-BF
One of the cards I'd never see again. Bought this several years ago because of the fact that there was a "Game stitch" in the jersey. Apparently it was sewed up while on the field. Sold it with the rest of them. Saw it on eBay and thought I could make out something familiar in the swatch in the crappy scan. Bought it for less than what I sold it for and was thrilled when the stitches were in the exact same spot as before. All I can say is "Welcome back."

Added 45 John Elways for trade. Nothing fancy. Will probably add a few 2013 Bowman that I picked up as well before going to bed.

That was today's update. Just over a hundred to go. Whoo!
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