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Full Version: Countdown to 3,000 Favres
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After my little screw up with my database, let's try this again.

#2974 (again)
[Image: n6126lzrx250.jpg]
1997 Leaf Reproductions #2 /1948
One of my all-time favorites.

[Image: c11q8japx250.jpg]
1999 Paramount Gold #93
Believe it or not, this was one I've been trying to get for the last few months.

#2976 (24 to go)
[Image: f0e2fk9ax250.jpg]
1997 Ultra Blitzkrieg Die Cuts #6
Another one of my all-time favorites. There's something about die cut cards that I really like.

I saved some for Sunday.
I'm sure I could push you over because I have over 1100 different cards but I don't see much in your organize that fits my PC. If you have other cards from my profile that you don't have in organize let me know.
(08-18-2013, 01:27 PM)rburkett Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure I could push you over because I have over 1100 different cards but I don't see much in your organize that fits my PC. If you have other cards from my profile that you don't have in organize let me know.
Pm sent.

There was another discrepancy with my count as I go through to make sure that I have everything that my database says I have.

#2976 (once more)
[Image: 2cxrwt36x250.jpg]
1997 Pinnacle Certified Gold Team #1

[Image: 7kw23tepx250.jpg]
1998 Topps Stars Silver #130 /3999
Slowly working my way through this rainbow. That makes base, copper, and now the silver, plus I have one of the promos.

#2978 (22 to go)
[Image: pb76lpa7x250.jpg]
1997 Pinnacle Xpress Bombs Away #1
Always liked this one.

[Image: 26n39p37x250.jpg][Image: c806jedfx250.jpg][Image: 75ewk2smx250.jpg][Image: 30mgiiclx250.jpg][Image: ibr9wa3mx250.jpg][Image: m4178bt2x250.jpg]
2007 Upper Deck Prilosec Brett Favre #1-6
Tried to get the set when it first came out. Didn't have any use for Prilosec at the time and couldn't justify buying it just for the card set.

#2979-2984 (16 to go)

[Image: 50yw3avzx250.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle #3 w/ John Elway on the back of the card.
My second Team Pinnacle card in as many weeks. Next up: 1997.

Part 1

My trade with aldridgejohn28

[Image: t5t29l2jx250.jpg]
2005 Topps Turkey Red Red #248B Ad Back

And I also got



[Image: 7b731s1tx250.jpg]
2000 Collector's Edge Masters Sentinels Printing Plate
Not on the Beckett database. This is my 3rd printing plate and my 4th Favre 1/1!

Thank you aldridgejohn28
Part 2

I did a trade through and got the following:

[Image: 4t41agq7x250.jpg]
2007 Donruss Threads Retail Red #17
So many variations, so little time.

[Image: vi932g94x250.jpg]
2007 Topps Flight to 420 #BF124
Only 10 more to go for the 2007 Topps Flight set!

#2990 & 2991
[Image: g9m1j82gx250.jpg][Image: dzx41l82x250.jpg]
2008 Topps Flight to 420 #BF286 & 429

#2992, 2993, 2994 & 2995
[Image: d250hsl1x250.jpg][Image: 0d7tz8amx250.jpg][Image: b10ey389x250.jpg]
[Image: p4770xtrx250.jpg]
2007 Topps Chrome Flight to 420 #BFC19, BFC62, BFC92 & BFC196

#2996 (5 to go)
[Image: 89d5175sx250.jpg]
2007 Topps Chrome Flight to 420 Refractor #BFC118 /199

4 to go and many more cards on the way. I can't believe it, but I'm going to get to 3,000 in the next couple of days. Woo hoo!
Today's Update 8/22/13

[Image: x8t6tiazx250.jpg]
1996 Ultra Sensations Pewter #39
Giving me the rainbow for this set, even though I already had the rainbow version of teh card.

[Image: xi67r5qnx250.jpg]
2003 Fleer Tradition Classic Combinations Jersey
This is a Kurt Warner jersey. I realize that I have 3 Warner jerseys, probably more than any other player.

[Image: p1997r1ex250.jpg]
2013 Topps Gridiron Legends #GL-BF
The onslaught of 2013 Favres has begun. I'm open to any and all trades for what I need.

[Image: 79a6qej5x250.jpg]
1999 Collector's Edge Fury Game Ball #BF
It's weird because it has a copyright of 1998 on the back of the card, yet was part of 1999.

Oh, and by the way, I guess that means that I've reached
[Image: 3000.jpg]

And since there was one more,

#3001 (0 to go)
[Image: p0yhxrqvx250.jpg]
2002 Pacific Feature Attraction #5
Love the movie poster parody.

Well, I guess that means that I've reached the end of my thread. Should I keep going, create another thread, or just give it up? LMK.
Congrats on the milestone!! Definitely keep going. Although you may either want to change the title of this thread or start a new mail day thread. Nice cards by the way!
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