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Full Version: Countdown to 3,000 Favres
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Thanks for Sharing!!

(08-02-2013, 10:47 PM)favrecollectors4 Wrote: [ -> ]I can't believe I'm this close to it. I'm approaching 3,000 unique Favre cards. I thought that this would be a perfect excuse to start a mailday thread as I approach the big number.

BTW, I'm always looking to trade and add more to my collection. Feel free to shoot me offers and PMs. I'll be adding new cards throughout the month.

Here we go.

Today I got 3 packages and four cards.

Favre # 2,894 (106 to go)
[Image: 8t02f01px250.jpg]
1992 Wild Card Field Force Gold #14
This one has been eluding me for the price I wanted it for. Finally ponied up the dough and have it once more.

#2895 (105 to go)
[Image: 835s7v7vx250.jpg]
1995 Pro Line MVP Redemption #MVP 14
This is the one with the 1 of 4,000 printed on the front of the card. Another card I used to own and had to give up when money was tight. Still looking for the other two versions of this card.

#2896 (104 to go)
[Image: kmdcfacnx250.jpg]
1996 CE President's Reserve Timewarp #6 w/ Jack Youngblood /2000
One of my all-time favorite cards and another that I used to own. One of those that I would see available and pass on because I thought I had it. That's the problem with having to start a collection over from scratch.

#2897 (103 to go)
[Image: ei6rk9x1x250.jpg]
2012 Topps QB Immortals Relics /50
I love the simple design of this card. Part of my attempt to get as many of 2012 as I can.

There you have it. I will likely have some new cards tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy.
That's an awesome Premier patch! Sounds like the GF is a keeper!
Today's Update (8/6/13)

[Image: 185t472zx250.jpg]
1996 Pinnacle Trophy Collection #200
Loved these Pinnacle cards that would show Favre with the cheesehead and Steve Young as a lawyer.

[Image: 4ht31f2ox250.jpg]
2007 Topps Flight to 420 #BF156
Another one bites the dust. 11 more to finish off the 2007 Topps set.

[Image: sr6p2cgwx250.jpg]
2010 Panini Threads Silver Holofoil #81 /250
Nice looking card but Panini has angered me by switching the way we look at our cards while they are sideways.

and last one for today
#2904 (96 to go)
[Image: qb5k98b6x250.jpg]
1999 Aurora Canvas Creations #4
Anoher nice cards. That's the nice thing about having as many as I now do. When I get more, the majority has value to it. Not a lot of $2 cards left to collect, but I do have some on the way.

That's it for today. Still have a stack to get to and another few packages coming. See you tomorrow.
8/7/2013 Update

[Image: dd0k79lzx250.jpg]
1996 Skybox Impact SkyMint #BF2
Never had this card before. Always seemed pricey until recently. Got it for insanely low price. Couldn't pass it up.

[Image: w8kw3361x250.jpg]
1998 Topps Chrome Measures of Greatness #MG15
Already had the refractor. Probably why I kept passing it by when I had the chance to pick it up. Why would I think I had the refractor and not the regular. It's simple science...and I was wrong.

[Image: 0jbqn347x250.jpg]
1999 Topps Season's Best #SB7
Another card that I kept thinking I already had. I suck at remembering what I have and don't. I think I need to go back to studying the way I did when I was in school. Wait, I didn't study at all. Crap.

[Image: 991c3842x250.jpg]
2001 Crown Royale Retail #54
This is one of the cheap ones that have eluded me for 10 years. Bought several retail packs of it when it first came out and got nothing. Have had several shop owners looking for it for me. Nothing. eBay? Too expensive and never in a lot. Finally got it for the price I wanted. Happiness!

[Image: 3vyinxocx250.jpg]
2006 Finest Finest Moments Refractors #BF8 /399
I finally completed the base set of these last week. Focused so heavily on them that I only had one of the red refractors. This makes 2 and I have three more coming thanks to Mooncricket. Hopefully I'll have this set done in a few months.

#2910 (90 to go)
[Image: i1h60063x250.jpg]
2008 Score Super Bowl XLIII Gold #106
Bought this thinking that it was going to complete my Score Super Bowl rainbow. Forgot that there is a black version, as well as a Glossy version. Only one I can find is a graded glossy and I don't do graded.
Just got a trade in from Wiser, whom I thank. Here is a large update.

[Image: x7p19a71x250.jpg][Image: n8z3932dx250.jpg] #14[Image: a25ef8e9x250.jpg] #16[Image: txu2ti4kx250.jpg][Image: 1n300trrx250.jpg][Image: zgg67svcx250.jpg][Image: yo63082mx250.jpg][Image: 5tk159vox250.jpg][Image: 941jg8s5x250.jpg][Image: a471z57tx250.jpg][Image: 11b169k5x250.jpg][Image: 60pi73k0x250.jpg][Image: k7g34q23x250.jpg][Image: j1375ir5x250.jpg][Image: 14697ombx250.jpg][Image: 55v63rppx250.jpg][Image: xk114d1wx250.jpg][Image: 15j2ol8px250.jpg][Image: h1j28kvjx250.jpg][Image: 77skwwq5x250.jpg][Image: pj74uypux250.jpg][Image: a69u1147x250.jpg][Image: 7091z0hlx250.jpg][Image: 2k2s8dcdx250.jpg][Image: q3vwk453x250.jpg][Image: i37r4e21x250.jpg][Image: 17bb5d3vx250.jpg][Image: 254e70e1x250.jpg][Image: 50j278ihx250.jpg][Image: 88hwojl1x250.jpg][Image: 112m8416x250.jpg]

And this large boy
[Image: zk4c9344.jpg]
BTW, according to my database, that brings me to
2,942 58 to go!
Today's Updates (8/10/13)

[Image: 8r5yi1nkx250.jpg]
1993 Wild Card Superchrome Field Force #SCF-10
Another early career Favre that was always higher than BV. Finally got it at the price I wanted.

[Image: 8an4my4qx250.jpg]
1996 Pacific Card Supials #14
I miss Pacific and the crazy amount of foil they placed on each card.

[Image: 6cvf65msx250.jpg]
1996 Ultra Mr. Momentum #6
Another one of those smack yourself in the head because you thought you already had it cards.

[Image: bx294wv4x250.jpg]
2000 Ultra Won by One #3WO
Nice looking card. I love the ones with rounded corners.

[Image: mwn115uqx250.jpg]
2004 Playoff Contenders MVP Contenders #MC-2 /1250
MVP Contenders should still be an insert in Contenders.

[Image: esecn10px250.jpg]
2007 Playoff Contenders MVP Contenders Red #MVP-12 /1000
Same as the previous.

[Image: cf2718xvx250.jpg]
2005 Topps Tribute #21 /1199
One of the best looking cards EVER!

#2950 I got this one in a trade from rwatt. Thank you, watt!
[Image: d6yg1jk3x250.jpg]
2007 Donruss Classics Monday Night Heroes #MNH-5 /1000
Nice design. Kept thinking I already had it.

I have a few more but Beckett won't let me post them all in one message.
Here are the rest for today (8/10/13)
[Image: inf16x34x250.jpg]
2013 Topps Archives Gold #130
Crap. I paid a lot more for this one than I wanted to. Still, very gold and pretty.

[Image: b88jvx60x250.jpg]
2001 Upper Deck Teammates #FL-T
Bought this off a guy through Got it for a great price!

#2953 (47 to go)
And finally for today:
[Image: 1qzcj3yix250.jpg]
2012 Topps Triple Threads Sapphire #6 /25
Took me a while to get this one. Now that I have it, it joins its brothers.

[Image: p97o0z93x250.jpg][Image: 69mh06s2x250.jpg]
[Image: wx1390abx250.jpg][Image: 53776qdjx250.jpg]
[Image: qw967s48x250.jpg][Image: 1qzcj3yix250.jpg]

Will probably never have the entire rainbow. The only one I need is the 1/1. THIS is my rainbow.

Thanks for looking. I have more to add tomorrow.
Nice, man! Love the rainbow!
(08-10-2013, 09:00 PM)uwash97 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice, man! Love the rainbow!
I was admiring a few of yours about an hour ago. Was checking out your photo bucket. Also realized that you were the one that bought my 2005 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Silver #1/10 that I had to sell two years ago when money got unbearably tight. I found it funny.

It's a good thing I found another.

[Image: d06s0io8x250.jpg]

We can now start singing "It's a small world after all."
Man, I love this hobby.
I'm getting today's update out of the way early.

[Image: 42e3mcm8x250.jpg]
1997 Excalibur Nationals #9 /1000
Strange that mine is numbered out of 1000, but Beckett says no such thing. HMMMMM?

[Image: 8x0g2j34x250.jpg]
1997 Pacific Card Supials #11
Another Pacific card with a ton of gold foil on it.

[Image: 7rnabst6x250.jpg]
1998 CE Supreme Season Review Gold Ingot #64
Passed this guy over 20 or 30 times, thinking I had it. I suck.

[Image: a14713ckx250.jpg]
2005 Topps Golden Anniversary Gold Nuggets #GN2
Thought I had it, but that was the Chrome version.

[Image: m370eq7lx250.jpg]
2009 Topps Triple Threads #11 /799
Come to realize that I really like Triple Threads. Already had the emerald version.

That's it for today. Still have a few packages coming.

Only 42 more cards till I reach 3,000! I'm so close I can taste it. It tastes like cardboard and plastic.
Update for 8/12/2013

From my trade with chipfan22

[Image: p3ju5wm8x250.jpg]
2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Staremasters #SM03 /1500

[Image: 27vi5qrnx250.jpg]
2000 Skybox Dominion Characteristics #1C
I love this card. One of my all-time favorites. Part of my original collection as well.

[Image: mrutq9lnx250.jpg]
2000 Topps Hobby Masters #HM9
Shiny! I like shiny!

[Image: hf19dc50x250.jpg]
2003 Fleer Tradition Classic Combinations Retail? #21CC
Not in the Beckett database. The blue foil version is numbered out of 375. This is not numbered and has the red foil. I assume it is the retail version and Beckett needs to add it to the database.

I also got this from him:
[Image: qd1biz0jx250.jpg]
1997 Collector's Choice Crash the Game #C4 10/27
The card was supposed to be the 12/1 card, which I needed. Got this one instead, which I had. Not a big deal. It happens. Showing it off anyways.

Also got a Robin Yount card from him for my often ignored Yount collection.

Thank you, chipfan22.

Here is what I got from my trade with 25joker.

[Image: egi24v09x250.jpg]
2004 Score #348
I hate it when I miss a base card. Now I've crossed another one off the list.

[Image: 0z06x4b2x250.jpg]
2005 Score Glossy #101
Hate the fact that Score Glossy was almost impossible to tell the difference of from the base.

Now, the next one was supposed to be the 1998 Playoff Prestige Hobby #9, which I thought I needed.

Earlier this week, I found that card in my storage box. Turns out that I didn't need it after all.

Thought about asking to change the trade so I didn't get something I already had.

Changed my mind, deciding to use it as trade bait instead.

Opened the package and found this in there instead:

[Image: 9q5556r3x250.jpg]
1998 Playoff Prestige Hobby Red #9
Informed him of his mistake. Said it was all good. In the more than a hundred trades I've made, never had a mistake that actually went in my favor.

Thank you, 25joker.

And lastly for today, this is what I got from eBay:

#2966 (34 to go)
[Image: k956gm81x250.jpg]
1997 Topps Stars Pro Bowl #PB1
This is a beautiful card. Love the way the design pops in the background. Paid a little more than I wanted to, but I really, really wanted it. I'm thinking that I've seen this card with a different design in the background. Am I crazy about this?

That's all for today.
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