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Full Version: 1981 Topps Chewing Gum cards
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im looking through my collection for the first time and noticed that I have a few topps chewing gum cards from 1981. I cant seem to find a value for any of them, or find them on organize. Can anyone help me out?
Got any scans or anything that could help us out? Are these basketball?
im guessing he is talking about either these:

or these:

the 80-81 had "strange numbering" that might make it harder to find if you didnt know how to search the opg

however, it was the 1981-82 topps set that had the 1981 copyright on it
the 81-82 set might be hardrer to search because of the regionlization of the set
like mchale's rc is east 75, thus "e75" in the opg, not 75
yup! its that second link, thank you jacobystealshome!