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Full Version: 1977 Star Wars
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This year, I have completed my 1977 Star Wars cards and stickers sets. Completely done!

I've been collecting them off and on since 1977, so this has almost been a life's pursuit. They are in my special Star Wars zippered binders and are just great!

Had to share! Smile
Congrats! What are some good Star Wars sets to go after. I've been thinking about the Topps Chrome set from a few years back that have key cards redone from the original sets.
that is really cool -I still have a few handfuls from when I was a kid as well
Thanks! It was fun putting it together - and be careful going back to cards you had as a kid, it may give you ideas...

I hadn't checked out the Chrome set. Maybe I'll have to take a peek at it.

I have to say that the 2012 Galactic Files are really pretty cool. I bought a box - and I don't normally buy boxes - and got a sketch card and Wedge Antilles patch. There are some other cool inserts including the "I have a bad feeling about this" moments. I went to Target and picked up some packs as well (way back then) and got another sketch card. That was pretty amazing.

I'm trying to get this set completed before trying to tackle 2013 Galactic Files 2.

Another set I've had fun with is 1997 Star Wars Vehicles. 72 cards and they seem thicker than other cards. Plus, its fun reading about the different vehicles.
Thats awesome...great accomplishment!

The Force is strong in this one...