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Full Version: 2012-13 Certified Red Materials Prime Chase (Updated 04/30/2015
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I have been on the fence about this set since I finished the 2012-13 Preferred Red Auto set and have finally decided to try for it. I'm going to keep track of the progression in this thread. There are 151 cards in the set and I currently have 8 in my possession. I am not trying to complete this set in a month or two like the preferred so updates might be spread out. But I do have a few that will be here soon so some updates in the near future! If anyone has any of these let me know I am looking to trade or buy at reasonable prices.

Here is what I am starting with, 8 cards

#058 Blake Griffin #ed 06/49 - Set Completion 1/151

[Image: BlakeGriffinTotallyCertifiedRedMaterials...3901ca.jpg]

#013 Chris Paul #ed 1/49 - Set Completion 2/151

[Image: ChrisPaulTotallyCertifiedPatchesRed_zps94f5e1de.jpg]

#065 Grant Hill #ed 36/49 - Set Completion 3/151

[Image: GrantHillTotallyCertifiedPatchesRed_zps89da67de.jpg]

#194 Chandler Parsons #ed 38/49 - Set Completion 4/151

[Image: ChandlerParsonsCertifiedTotallyRedPatche...e83e95.jpg]

#158 Jeff Foster #ed 27/49 - Set Completion 5/151

[Image: JeffFosterTotallyCertifiedRedMaterialsPr...a4bf84.jpg]

#030 Kyrie Irving #ed 32/49 - Set Completion 6/151

[Image: KyrieIrvingTotallyCertifiedRedMaterialsP...0022bb.jpg]

#052 Tristan Thompson #ed 29/49 - Set Completion 7/151

[Image: TristanThompsonTotallyCertifiedRedPatch_zpsf67a8931.jpg]

#132 Zydrunas Ilgauskas #ed 26/49 - Set Completion 8/151

[Image: ZydrunasIlgauskasCertifiedTotallyRedPatc...602aa1.jpg]
I graded my nicer ones out and sold them but I may still have a few of the lower end players laying around. I'll check when I get a chance.
Thanks man! I would definitely be interested in any that I need high or low end.
Well my first update is compliments of a fellow member, who was kind enough to give it as a freebie. I am very appreciative of that and am happy to post my first new addition!

#057 Andre Iguodala #ed 02/49 - Set Completion 9/151

[Image: AndreIguadolaCertifiedRedMaterialsPrime_zps334407eb.jpg]
Is that from his Sixers jersey? Ugh, I hate when they do that.
YES!! I hate that too! Panini seems to do that a lot and it is very irritating. I have been trying to find a Grant Hill Patch that actually has a Clippers Uniform. I have like 4 or 5 patches of Hill where he is pictured in Clippers uni, but all of the patches are Phoenix. Annoying......
Great looking set, can't wait to see it complete!
Got two more in today, went to the store to pick up some magnetics and ofcourse they are out of the 130 pts... I'm really happy with the patches on these two.

#195 Clyde Drexler #ed 11/49 - Set Completion 10/151

[Image: ClydeDrexlerCertifiedRedMaterialsPrime_zpsd8c12776.jpg]

#017 Derrick Rose #ed 46/49 - Set Completion 11/151

[Image: DerrickRoseCertifiedRedMaterialsPrime_zps5e7df9f6.jpg]
The only one I still have left numbered to 49 is Iman Shumpert. It isn't the nicest patch but if you need it you can have it.
Sure I would love to pick it up, do you have a pic I could see?
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