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Full Version: 92-93 Roenick Fleer Ultra Auto Question
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As a huge Roenick collector, I've always noticed the 92-93 Fleer Ultra Autos selling on eBay (between one and five available pretty much every week). With the odds at something like 8000:1, how are there so many circulating?

You can see the "Fleer" emblem on the signature, but do you think someone "embossed" additional ones? I can't believe so many exist and are being sold 20 years later!

Am I being paranoid??? Smile

[Image: roenickultra_zps891d8a2f.jpg]

8000:1 would be like 80:1 to one now.

Also I do not believe they had a "congratulations" you have received a card personally ............ on the back so real easy to fake.

They didn't have a congratulatory message on the back. I've got 3 of em, #1,2,6 - and they're available. The glut of them must've happened recently, because I never saw more than 1 or 2 pop up in a month.. and almost always were they crazy prices