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Full Version: Bobby Orr Rookie card real or fake? Help!
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Hi everybody i have a bobby orr rookie card Topps, which was given to me by a relative who purchased the card a couple years back for around 500. It was purchased ungraded but is in really good condition, and i am just wondering what steps i can take to determine its authenticity. I want to grade the card myself to get its full potential, but i don't want to send 300+ dollars to a grading company and then find out its fake!

Also I live in a rural area with no sports card or memorabilia stores around
How i have checked in the past is just google Bobby Orr Rookie counterfeit, seemed alot of info out there.
1) post high res scans here (we can't help without seeing it lol)
2) google it like my boy said
3) GRADE IT (grading will not cost you hundreds, bgs has some great prices)
Here are the photo's
Back of card
So 2 things come to mind is either a.) You have an unbelievably good condition Orr rookie card or b.)That is too good to not be fake. I sure hope its (a) though seriously. Like guys said above Google fake Bobby Orr rookie card and you will get a bunch of information to help. Its like the Gretzky with the yellow dot on his left shoulder, tell tale giveaway on the real ones. All I know is I hope for the best and one last thing, for sure and that's get it graded.
I can't see the attachment but email it to me at You cannot post your email in the forums I can let you know. We specialize in vintage.

Look for a circle on the line below the 1966. If it is there.... Reprint. If not...BINGO!
It's fake.