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Full Version: Considering the possibility of selling some PC stuff.
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With the recent departure of Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins, I'm tempted to keep a few of his cards for my Bruins PC, since he was an important part (albeit a small one) of Bruins history, but part with the rest. After his rookie season, I didn't proactively hunt for his stuff, and my RC collection is hardly complete, but I don't feel the need to keep most of his stuff. I might keep the Silhouette because it's nice looking, but haven't much need for his Ice, SPA, SPA patch, SPGU, SPx, Certified, etc., RC's. I've never wholesale dumped a player's cards from my PC before, and don't want to be too hasty about my decision, but it just makes sense to me that I could turn that higher end stuff into something that I won't want to part with, you know? Anyway, I'd love to get some feedback on this decision before I make it. Ultimately, it'll be a choice for me alone, yes or no, but having others' opinions would be great as well. Let's hear it folks, what would YOU do in my shoes?
I've been down the same road with Kovalchuk more than a few times over the years, and again now with the news of him going back to Russia. I have decided to dump the duplicates of some RC I have of him, but most of the other stuff I think I will probably hang onto forever. I would think it over for a few weeks/months, but ultimately like you say, if it will bring back something that you would like more or wouldn't consider parting with, then it's worth it.
I'm doing the same with my TS19 stuff. If you want to sell first, so we don't flood the market. Haha. I'm sure I don't have nearly the same product you do.
I've got about 40 cards or so that would be worth putting up for sale or trade from his rookie year.
Being a bruins fan, part with the ones you could due without or would be easier obtainable to reacquire.