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Full Version: The Double Rookie Class is coming. Preorders of UD1 are taking place now!
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The distributors are seeking preorder numbers from your local cards shops this week so if you want the absolute best pricing on UD1 and the great double rookie class, stop in to your local card shop and preorder yours today.

What's the difference you ask?

Shelf price is generally at 30-50% mark up based on the fact the card shop or Internet dealer is buying the product with their own money.

Preorders are a guaranteed sale (1/2 down, 1/2 later type thing) so the required margins are not the same.

For example, in our store - case buyers are paying 8.5% over cost or roughly $5.00 a box over cost.

Single box preorders are more but not much more.

There is also a 3 box promotion in some stores (like ours) where you will receive a free 13/14 UD1 binder when you preorder 3 boxes.

Go check out your local card shop for their incentives. You can save HUGE if buying a case and the savings are still significant one single or 3 box purchases.

It should be a fun product!

Note - if you ever have questions about the hobby business, don't be afraid to flip us an email or PM. We love sharing the hobby experience with folks. From getting an understanding of pricing to what is needed to start a card shop - we are happy to help and promote the hobby.

Very nice heads-up thread.
Thanks for the heads up! Much appreciated.
I'm more of a basketball collector, but I can personally vouch for Panini's double rookie class in basketball this past year ... Upper Deck does a good job with hockey (especially base Upper Deck), so you guys should enjoy it.

One thing I'm wondering about ... usually Young Guns are 40 per series, correct?

So does that mean they keep it to 40 per series and weed out some of the lesser names/lower drafted/more obscure players?

Or expand it to 60-80 per series and make the odds that much tougher to pull the bigger names?

Also, I'm assuming they'll put Yakupov in one series and MacKinnon in another?

Man, it would be fun to pull both in the same box.
My guess is Yakupov will be in series 1 because he played last year. MacKinnon may not play in time for UD to get his card into series 1. He'll mos likely end up in series 2.

In 2005-06 when there was a double class, they kept the set, I believe, at 41 YG's or so and 1 YG Checklist. They are pretty constient with the between 40-50 per series.