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Full Version: Small Call, nice pieces :)
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[Image: yzerman9_zps025f89a5.jpg]

1984-85 Topps Steve Yzerman RC PSA 9. I also have a PSA 8, but couldn't pass up on the price. Never a bad thing to have multiples of THE MAN Smile

[Image: liddypatch_zps0bbd7182.jpg]

Serial Numbered 23/25. Just another fancy Lidstrom piece Smile
Great looking cards. The Yzerman rookie looks great.You do not see many of them centered as nicely as the one you picked up. Congrats.
It is a good looking Yzerman indeed Smile Thanks!
As a fellow wings

Hey now that you have two, would you be interested in moving the 8
I would absolutely be interested in moving the 8. I have something special arriving next week, so be ready Smile