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What product is best for nhra drivers?
20005 press pass nhra set. AFTER that you would have to do the last couple of years of legends. they have some of the drivers in it including the force ladies.

If your looking old school no frills it would be like the 91 92 pro set and 95 action packed. I think those are the years.

The fan base is not there to support a stand alone nhra set. They tried it in 2005 with every box containing a complete set plus one auto or memorbilia card. I am working on the autograph set still. The action packed and oh yea 93 finish line HI TECH did a great set also back in 97

Yea, 'shelby...' is pretty much dead-on with his answer.
Press Pass Legends is the only set you will see currently with NHRA cards in them. My best pack-pulled card EVER in ANY!!! sport was from Legends and was a Quad AU of the Force Family (John, Ashley, Brittany, Courtney).

I kind of wish I still had it, but am still happy with the 2 PC cards I got for it in a trade.