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Full Version: Recent new editions to the Pack PC
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Just picked up a couple of autos to go along with those Prestige non-autos I got in that break I was in. I think I did good on these! The Lacy is the red ink, and I got it for 36 shipped, and the two Franklins I paid total less than 20 for both.

I REALLY like the Lacy! That red ink auto goes really well with the card design, IMO.
Yeah that Lacy is sweet! Congrats!
Nice! Great pickups! The pack lucked out with these two! They are gonna be tearing it up!!
Nice pickups especially the Lacy
Yeah, definitely like that Lacy Smile I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a case break on Sunday of Elite. They have those acrylic cards that the rookie premiere guys signed on card, and those look pretty cool! Also, I REALLY want one of those Pen Pals with Lacy and Franklin on it!!! I'd be happy with either of those. should have your package soon..
Great adds! Haven't added anything for the Packers 2013 class yet, but will probably be diving in soon!