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Full Version: Help me & my son out with this hockey card request
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My son started playing hockey about 1 year ago. I have been promising him I would get him young gun rookie cards made so he could hand them out as xmas gifts last year. Well it slipped through my fingers and I never got it done Yesterday I contacted upper deck and they no longer have the send a imagie we will make ur kid a trading card program anymore. My question now

Does anyone know

1.Where I can have a rookie card made for him?

2. If anyone can do it on here and wants to get some free memorabilia or auto card or some paypal let me know heres the image

[Image: photo_zps895d0bdd.jpg]
talk to Dnj_cards, I know he does custom cards, you can see if he can make something up
(07-09-2013, 03:37 PM)markshew Wrote: [ -> ]talk to Dnj_cards, I know he does custom cards, you can see if he can make something up

His custom cards are amazing, they look like the real deal. Guy should be working for Panini or something.
Try Exuniverse/Extreme cards based in Quebec. They did a great job for me a few years back. They also do cards for major junior hockey teams and the CFL.
Ty I sent him a pm hope he responds
Hey bro, I've done a few custom cards in the past, lmk I'll hook you up!
I would hit-up Dnj_cards personally, Mark. He is stellar with his designs, and can throw in a piece of MEM or something if you have it. It would be cool for your boy to hand out cards with pieces from a team hat or an old jersey. Not taking anything away from you, Justin, but I have not seen your work yet. I hope that you can get it done, and I would love to see the results.

Dnj_cards is the BEST hand down look at these gems 8 of them to my door in 5 days A+++++++++++ Everyone please check him out
[Image: 001_crop_zps4d26202a.jpg]
[Image: 002_crop_zps3cce94d6.jpg]
Very cool. I bet your boy was super stoked!