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Full Version: 2005 McMurray Auto/Signings Question
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Hello friends. So I won this card on Ebay the other day pretty cheaply. ( ). The listing states it is a "PP Signings" card, which I'm assuming it is. But when I looked it up in the Beckett database, I found both a "Signings" ( ) and a "PP Autographs" ( ). Both cards are #40 and there is a $5 BV difference in the two. Are these the same card by chance or are there actually two different non-serial numbered Press Pass Auto cards from 2005? Just wondering. Thanks!
this one is the signings. The other version is a horizontal autograph that is different.

[Image: JM_zpsbbbdda6c.jpg]
Ahhh, OK. Thank you for that! Well, looks like I have another JMac auto to hunt down...which is fine with me! lol
Awesome price on that. I wish I could win some AU's for that cheap. Congrats on the win!
(07-09-2013, 11:25 PM)spazmatastic Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome price on that. I wish I could win some AU's for that cheap. Congrats on the win!
Thanks! Yeah, I was having this discussion over on that other site the other day. Although I'm happy JMac and Bowyer cards aren't nearly as pricey as some of the top tier the same time, I'd love for either to win a couple Championships and become just as in demand as JJ, Gordon, etc. Know what I'm saying?

BTW - I also won the 2013 Redline Blue JMac Auto 01/10 Door Number that Pretz had up for sale. As soon as I get the card in, I'll post a scan. I have a couple JMac door numbers, but this will be my first Auto door number. Pretty excited about it!