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Full Version: How long would a Jordan redemption from UD take?
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I went a little crazy today and picked up a redemption from 12-13 spa for a Jordan home court auto. How long should it take normally? I know he is the face of ud,so I would hope it wouldn't take long.
that's the funny thing...i've never really seen an mj auto redemption, or at least haven't in a few years. he's been pretty good about signing, so i was surprised to pull one out of a pack...and funnier that there are "live" autos of this very card out there that were pulled from packs. i've pulled both a redemption and an actual card that had the auto on it in the last two months. the card you are talking about comes one in about every other's probably the easiest to pull from this set...but a great pull/buy nonetheless. i think the toll of whoring his auto out by ud has finally taken a toll on him.
I just entered the code and the dreaded "athlete has committed to signing, please be patient" status was on the Jordan. Im sure he will sign them, but if it goes 60 days and still nothing I will probably ask for a replacement Jordan auto