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Full Version: SP Sign of Times without autograph?
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I was going through some odd wax packs from my Store / show dealer days and decided to open some packs I only had a few of left in boxes. I pulled this SP hockey Sign of times Scott Kelman without the signature. Came out of 1998-99 SP hockey. Anyone know anything about this or seen this?

[Image: Scan0121_zps6a47fd18.jpg]

[Image: 0122_zpsc733d3b7.jpg]

As usual up help appreciated.
I would like to say thats odd... But with UD you just never know whats gonna happen. I would say to contact UD and say you would like a card to replace this one. Its a low buck card, can find it on the bay for about $5 (with auto). Its an unlisted error card, so will prolly never be worth much. But ya might get something back thats kinda cool. Of course UD will take forever to get back to you, if they do at all.
I have an older UD Ice Iginla auto that has pretty much faded completely. I called a couple years ago and asked if they could replace the auto - I did ask if they could put a sticker auto on it too. They asked me to send it in and they would see what they could do, but that they certainly would not be able to replace it. I sent it in and received a bubble mailer a few weeks later that contained my card back along with I think 2 packs of that years Ice, one of which included and auto of someone I can't remember.

It can't hurt to call and complain, the worst that happens is they say no to doing anything.

Good luck.